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Design Your Directory Listing

Are you ready to create your listing? Great! We have made designing and placing your new website directory listing as easy as can be. Everything you need to do can be filled out in one easy to use form below.

That being said, you want to get the most mileage out of your new directory listing, right? So we have put some help tips and tricks together for you below to make sure you get everything exactly the way you want it.

If you're a perfectionist (like most business owners) we highly suggest that you take a few minutes to read this short primer before creating your listing.


If this guide looks intimidating, don't worry, you probably do not need to read the whole thing to submit your listing. Our listing form below is pretty simple, this guide is simply an explanation of each field below. The most important sections below are highlighted in orange.



By this time you get to the "add listing form, have you probably arrived at the correct package. If not, simply click on the package that you want and wait for the page to reload. If you do not see an option that is listed in this primer, it's because premium packages have more options than basic packages.


Your logo should be a transparent PNG file to display correctly. It should be no larger than 1050px and no smaller than 350 px. Note: do not add it in the images section below as it will appear distorted.

Business Name

This is pretty up-front, however, we would suggest dropping the "LLC, INC" and other formal parts of your business name. Keep it recognizable, short and friendly. Business names will populate on large and small screens and long names may look out of place on smaller screens. Also, your business name will become you listing page URL. (e.g. "Bobs Big Boy" will become

Business Description 

Just let your love flow like a mountain stream ... You should spend the majority of your time on this one field. Now we're not saying that you should write a five page decertation or anything, but you should tell your story and all about your business. If you have "special offers" available you should come up with some kind of "deal" for customers who find your business on Inside Ellijay to measure the effectiveness of your listing. Basic accounts have 2000 characters, all others have unlimited text and space.

We are still working with the text editor so it's not exactly where we want it to be right now. If you would like to break up your business description into headings (you really should) you can copy and paste the following template into the "Text" tab of the description. Then you can just change the headings and descriptions.

See Video Below

<h2>Heading One</h2>
<h2>Heading two</h2>
<p>some more stuff</p>
<h2>Heading three</h2>
<p>some new stuff</p>
<h2>Heading four</h2>
<p>honking hot new stuff</p>

It will ring .... be prepared. Make sure you list your business number.


Categories on Inside Ellijay are VERY broad by design. This is so that we can easily catalog different businesses. You can further define your business below in the "tags/keywords" section.

All but basic listings have 5 categories to choose. This means, other than the main directory page, your website will be featured on 5 different category pages, giving you up to 5 times the visibility.

Please be judicious in your category selection. Just because you have up to 5 categories use does not mean you have to, or can, use all of the categories. Some businesses will not be able to use all 5 just because of the nature of their business.

We police the directory VERY diligently to make sure businesses show up in the correct category. PLEASE DO NOT MISCATEGORIZE YOUR BUSINESS. If you would like to suggest that we add a category we would be happy to see if we can. Please contact us after filling out your listing and we will call you to chat about it.

Default Category  

The first category that you pick above will be your default category. If you want to change this, delete the categories above and add the main category first. The default category is the main category that your website will be shown in when people are searching.


This should link to your businesses website, e.g. None other. Please do not link to websites that are not your businesses website.


You will get good email and bad email. As much as we try, spam bots can always find ways to scrape email addresses from websites. This is an optional field.

Tags / Keywords

Tags are keywords that further define your business when visitors come to a category page. For example: If you own a pizza restaurant, your general category will be "Restaurants."
You can then add "keywords" so that visitors can find your specific type of restaurant. e.g. Pizza, delivery, Italian food.

A tag can be any single-word or short multiple word descriptor that categorizes an item, including words that are hyphenated or connected with an underscore. Typically, tags enhance the primary category that your listing belongs. For instance, if your category is "restaurants" your keywords could be "pizza" all you can eat" downtown Ellijay" etc.


Business address is broken up into three fields and a button. Street. city and zip code.


This will most likely be Ellijay or a surrounding town.

Zip/Post Code /

Make sure you put the zip code of your business.

Set Address on Map

This is the MOST important step when listing your business. We are a Geo-Locating directory. This means that people can get your coordinates for GPS or driving directions. For this to happen, Longitude and Latitude must be entered correctly. When you are finished with your business address simply hit the "Set Address on Map" button and the coordinates will be set automatically.

If you do not use the button, will have to manually enter in the longitude and latitude coordinates before creating your listing. So it is very important that you use the "Set Address on Map" button. Alternatively, you can also drag the marker to your geo-location if the auto-generated coordinates are not giving you the correct coordinates (maybe because you are in an area that does not register on Google Maps.

Address Latitude * & Longitude

99% of the time you can set these coordinates by hitting the "Set Address on Map" button. Read more above.


Image file sizes are limited to 4mb which is roughly the size of most camera phones. If you run into problems with uploading images, it is most likely because your image file is too large. Try making the image smaller and then try to upload it again ( 1024px is the preferred image width). Adobe has an online image resizer here:
Resize Images with Adobe.

All images are displayed in "landscape format" which is a 16:9. Aspect ratio. Or, these are images taken with your cell phone held lengthwise. If you upload an image that is taller than it is wide (portrait), it will be cut off and will not display well on the website.

A good rule of thumb is to use a 2:1 ratio. Meaning the width should be twice the length of the height. For example, if the image is 1000px wide, it should be 500px tall. The ideal image size is 1024px X 512px. Images over 2000 px wide will most likely be too big to upload. If you need help with images, please feel free to call us.


On premium packages, you can upload up to 3 YouTube videos. To prevent these videos from running together you must hit "enter," or the return key, after each video URL that you list.


We suggest that you only link to Facebook business pages, not personal accounts. If you need help building a Facebook business page, contact us and we can help you.


We suggest that you only link to Instagram business accounts, not personal accounts. If you need help building a Instagram business account, contact us and we can help you.

Special Offers

Special offers are a great way to measure the effectiveness of your business listing. Here you can add a special like two for one on certain products (but only list this particular special here) and then you will know when a customer asks for this special that they found your business on the Inside Ellijay Business directory.

Business Hours

Business hours are displayed on every listing on the website in green text. If your business has regular hours, we highly suggest that you fill out this section.

Link Posts: Event

If you are running specials or events on the website in conjunction with your business listing, you can link the two together here.

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